FREE RANDOM IMAGES! Giving Back To The NET! (Squeak Clean Version)

Dear Public,

Although I try and use original graphics I create myself whenever possible,

Once in a while I do, use an image pulled from the Net,

When I do I always try and give credit to the original image maker.
(Usually, I can not trace the original creator though,)

It has occurred to Me to "give back"

I am not saying my own art is particularly good, but someone somewhere such might find it useful, for some random reason.

So below is a selection personally created art and imagery.

I now hereby declare all below images as public domain!

Do what you want with it,

It would be nice if you gave me credit and throw a shout out to this blog site but it is not expected or necessary.

The images are in no particular order just slapped on in bulk,

To take an image,

Just left click to enlarge,

The right-click on the enlarged image and choose “Save Image As”

Then download,

Your welcome! 

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