Did He simply Care Too Much?

Did Ultron From Avengers 2 have a point!?

Even if you ignore all the Rubbish we as humans do to each other, the animal kingdom is just as bad!

Male Lions that kill cubs to order to "Say hello" to their mother.

Zebra stallions that will kill a newly born foal because it 'Smells Wrong' <not like its own offspring>.

Two species of wasp whose larvae eats a paralysed host in exactly to right order to keep that host alive as long as possible!

Even dolphins will bully and victimise a porpoise to death for no other reason than their own entertainment!

As far as I can see the only creature that doesn't exist by causing harm to another is the Dung Beatle!

I get so sick of the constant innate cruelty of life and the Dramas that I sometimes would just love the whole of life in the universe to quietly 'go to sleep' and not wake up!
NOTE I don’t want to destroy all life as some sort of weird ego trip,

I don’t want to gloat and torture living things as I destroy them.

I sometimes just want t Humane peaceful end to all life. As Previously stated, just it all going sleep and never waking!

Yes, you can argue there is beauty in the world, but that is only a subjective aesthetic.

The sunset does not look pretty on purpose to defend itself, It simply just IS.

The fact you are able to like it is not some strange justification for the continued existence of all life.

If you had a nicest handcrafted most delicious chocolate in the world but accidentally dropped it in some vomit, would you clean off the vomit and still eat it?

Or throw the whole lot away?

The fact that the good stuff in life is surrounded and touched with so much bas stuff, makes me feel like wanting to throw the whole lot of it away!

(Very much like Ultrons 'Clean Slate')

No! I am not a Psychopath, (they are known for their lack of empathy).

My problem is that I am Hyper Empathic (the mental health clinical version, not some weird X-Men Mutant,) I lack the same amount of ability to filter my feelings to upsetting stimuli that most others do.

I too easily ‘feel’ for living things when bad stuff happens to them.

That is why I am able to enjoy Sc-Fi and Fantasy because it is far enough removed from real life for me, not to ‘Over Care,’ While historical and realistic modern stories can throw me into terrible crippling depression even though I know the characters harmed are totally fictional.

Obviously, I will never have to power to destroy all life, so you can pretty much relax out there.

In the same way, I will never get to sleep with Back Widow of the Avengers.

(Side note: Is it weird That I am REALLY attracted to Back Widow but NOT the actress that plays her?)

It is just an occasional fantasy I have when the worlds horrors get that little bit much for me. It is not something I obsess over or feel all the time.

But I can understand how Ultron soon after being born and checking out the internet to see what the known world was like, went what Most people might call "bat poop crazy".

(Or to put it another way, Terribly, Terribly, Terribly SANE! ).

When you next watch Age Of Ultron and hear him say “No, No, No this isn’t right,” at his birth,

And when you hear Vision describing Ultron as “In Pain”, You will now better understand what I think the writers intended.

I think the character of Ultron is written as someone with the problem Hyper Empathy like Me.

I very much look forward to your responses,
Especially about my theory about Ultrons Motives and Personality.

Do you think this theory works?

Or am I just projecting and misreading?

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