How Hypothetical USA Firearms Controls might lead to more advanced Blade and knife technology!

How Hypothetical USA Firearms Controls might lead to more advanced Blade and knife technology!


This is just a hypothetical scenario.

But if Guns in the USA were as restricted as most other parts of the civilised world.

If the Second Amendment was no longer adhered to,

What might the possible consequences be?


Likelihood of this happening in the next ten years 00.5%


Likelihood of the below scenario playing out IF if happened 70.15 %

Years 1-5

Massive open resistance from dedicated gun owners.

Localised economic recessions as hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost due to fired arms factories, shops other associated businesses are forced to close!


Years 4-11

The collapse of open resistance and pro-NRA domestic terrorist cells formed.


Years 7-15

Exposion of interest in martial arts and unarmed self-defence.

The large increase in associated markets and large influence in all media!

There follows for a decade a large increase the nations average physical fitness and a huge DROP in national obesity and associated health problems!

National violent crime rate plummet to an all-time low for at least ten years! (They will never become this low ever again in the whole rest of human history!)


Years 12-17

The large increase in knife crime and knife use!

Associated melee armed martial arts start becoming far more popular, especially anything to do with swords, knives or any other bladed weapons!

Last pro gun domestic terrorist cells defeated, America officially joins the rest of the civilised world as a country with comparable gun control laws!


Years 16-25

Hidden knife up-sleeve throwing blades start taking centre stage.

Knife throwing competitions become a major sport.

By the 25th year after the enforcement of gun control, knife throwing become a major Olimpic event!

Archery with is already a present-day Olympic event become far more popular and centre stage!

The KTA (Knife throws Association) is first formed.


Years 22-30

Older people with weaker wrist and the less skilled start implementing small spring loaded device hidden up their sleeves to aid in increasing range of hidden up sleave blades.

The USA becomes the world leader of all blade technology and enjoys a long-lasting economic boom and a large increase in exports!

The KTA stars to enjoy a large membership.


Years 26-32

Small concentrated amounts or gas based propellant put in some throwing blade handles to help increase rages and velocity.

The KTA becomes a significant political lobby.

National obesity starts returning pre-gun ban levels.


Years 27-33

Throwing blade tech soon move on to small explosive charges to help increase even further the possible range and velocity, the blade themselves become smaller and sharper.

However, this leads to a significant loss of accuracy.


Years 28-34

Stabilising tracks in the up-sleeve launch mechanisms are introduced to help direct the projectile blades and make them more accurate again.

The throwing blades become more pointed and dart like in nature.


Years 29-35

Stabilising Tracks replaced with Stabilising Tubes to reduce incidents of sleave cloths jamming the mechanism of blade launching devices.

This allows the blades to become even smaller, more self-contained and conical.


Years 30-36

Smalls specialised grooves are introduced to the thrown blade stabilising tubes, this is a significant upgrade to the accuracy of the throwing blades, by making them ‘spin’ n mid-flight.


Years 31-37

Faster knife throwing mechanism reload tech knowledge developed.


Years 32-38

Rounded containment centre to contain up to six throwing blades in a holding cylinder housing start to appear.

The cheap on-street version used in corner store robberies start being nicknamed “Friday Night Specials”


Year 33-40

The blades start bing place in small square ‘clips' that can be very quickly inserted into the main body of a blade firing mechanism to allow a much faster rate of fire.


Years 34-41

The first fully automatic blade shooters start being mass produced.


Year 35-onwards

The first mass shootings by blade shooting nuts start to happen!

Including at public schools!

However, the KTA is such a powerful political lobby now, with such deep pockets, that a new amendment is now introduced to the United States Constitution gives all citizens “The Right to Own Blade Firing Mechanisms”


Years 36 – Until forever.

The whole world unites in a massive ‘Facepalm’ in horrified disbelief!


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