I have allowed an advocate for Traditional Non Conventional Medicine to have Their say.

By Dr Jonathan Swift (DM)

In The Name of Fairness (not really)

I have allowed an advocate for 'Traditional' Non-Conventional' Medicine to have Their say.

Personally, I am Pro Science, But also feel I should try and be fair! (not really)



Are you seriously suggesting that all that time and effort I put into waving goats skulls over a black candle has been a Waste!

How else would you explain my perfect God-like body?

<Darth Vader voice> "I find your lack of faith in Pseudo-Science Disturbing!"


You MUST realise that despite your "Opinions" my version of "Science" is an important and valid personal, closely held, belief! And must be respected as such!

(Well, until that is the next fad, then THAT will become my personal closely held belief, BUT until then these are! )

Remember as a fellow Science Sceptic Professor Dick’n And, once said

"All you people (meaning scientist) can come up with are fact's, Facts mean nothing, You can prove anything with enough facts!"

<God bless his immortal soul, the poor man died after getting hit by a car, after one of his book signings!>

(Only $100 Dollars a Signature! Bargain! Worth Every Cent! )

He was unlucky enough for the thyme and sage incense used to expel the "Naughty boo boo spirits" not to work on that occasion.>

But IF he was still alive today, he would back me up!

(Much the same way as the car that happened to have hit him, was by totally cosmic serendipity coincidence happen being driven by his cheated on ex-wife! As She Totally and Accidentally backed over his limp bleeding body a few times.)

But as she rightly justified,

“I could not accidentally just hit him once! 1 is a very unlucky number, while 5 known to be cosmically signific

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