It is Just as hard to learn a list of football teams and all their players as it is to learn about all the kings of English history!

It is Just as hard to learn all the Pokemon as knowing all the kings of English history!

Knowing all the Pokemon INSTEAD of about football is NOT a waste of time and is Just as “Cool” as knowing about football!

Knowing about all the kings of English history does NOT make you smarter than the person that knows all about Football!

There is a trick that has been played on us all!

The idea that knowing some things make us smarter than others things is a lie.

The idea that some facts are better than others is a Lie.

The idea that knowing loads about Art or History makes smarter than knowing other stuff is a lie!

To your brain knowing and having a label for 100 things is still the same no matter what those 100 things happen to be!

It is just memory! Nothing more!

Having a good memory so NOT mean you are smarter. Just that you have a good memory!

(There is one exception, and that is maybe Fist Aid knowledge at a car crash site!)

Being smart is about solving hard problems.

But again we are tricked!

If you are a Mechanic or Builder working with real problems in 3D then you are much smarter than someone who can do the supper hard 2D logic puzzles or the times crossword with a pen!

Because you are working with 3D problems under pressure rather than relaxing on a train and happen to know that answer to a crossword quiz is “King Henry the Eighth!”

You are given the lie that Bank Stuff and Law stuff is boring and too hard for you to understand by people that who are scared of you knowing that stuff!

They use and hide behind big words instead to hide the fact that they are not that smart, and that YOU ARE NOT THAT DUMB!

The only way to see what they are up to is to learn the big words, to spot the lies!

If you think you are not smart enough to learn the big words then you are wrong! Just look at all the other stuff you have learned and held in your head!

They try and tell you things are too hard for you to know and work out!

Look at all the 3D stuff you do that they can not!

Do not believe the rubbish that High Education and Being Smart are the same things!

It is a cheap “Hide The Coin” slight of hand magic trick! Nothing more!

They trick you with that, so you fight their Wars and Vote for them!

They tell you are stupid so you DO NOT ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS!


They demand that you follow because they tell you are “too stupid to lead!”

They Are NOT Better Than YOU!

Translation for the highly educated out there, who are too “silly” to understand the above!

I am attacking the established idea of a Hierarchy of Knowledge and the comfort that illusion gives you!

All you self-satisfied grammar and spelling police out there, or those that quote latin at the drop of a hat, take note!

You are not that clever!

One form of labelled information is in biological terms, equal to another!

One form of labelled information is marketed to you as being superior to another piece of labelled information, but it is not!

Intelligence is not memory but the application of knowledge in problem-solving.

Your local Mechanic, Builder or Gardener might be far smarter than you because he deals with problems in 3D while you pat yourself on the back for knowing 4 down in a crossword because of some piece obscure erudite piece of information about medieval history!

It is a lie!

It is the lie that the whole concept of Grammer Schools is sold on!

You holding people and their potential back for no batter reason that base snobbery!

You get away with legal and financial concepts (such as Fractional Reserve Lending) to hide theft and corruption.

You sell the idea that people are that they are “too stupid to understand” and hid behind verbose vocabulary

You want the “working class” to have just enough free schooling so they can work in your factories and shops and fight your wars but you do not want them educated enough to question your authority and realise the things you are constantly getting away with!

You feel entitled to tax breaks, privatisation and deference based on the statement that it “ You have Worked Hard For All You Have” without really understanding the definition of “Working Hard”!

You have never worked in hard physical labour for 12 hours a day then had to pop into a food bank on the way home!

Knowing that soul-destroying brain-meltingly dull job is all you can ever hope for the whole of your life!

It is NOT the same as 10 hours in a comfy office in an interesting occupation with promotion prospects then going back your own owned home and a good meal!

You constantly expect your, employees, to do a countless extra bit of unpaid worked and additional services to show that “They are team players” to show that they “Deserve the Hours!”

Then you have the afront to moan that the “Working Class” wants things for free!

(If the whole workforce decided to only “Work to Rule” for 3 weeks your empires would crumble!)

Your whole Con Trick of selling the idea of your superiority is an illusion that relies on the “Working Class” believing it!

You are in a larger sense, no more than an abusive partner “Gas Lighting” your bullied spouse!

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