Note On Biblical Old Testament Law.

Note On Biblical Old Testament Law.

Eating Shellfish and Pork was considered a terrible evil sin!

If you are to sort of dumb arse that is going to eat Shellfish or Pork in a hot humid climate with no modern transportation, modern medicine or refrigeration, then the time you spend on pooing yourself to death is going to make Hell seem like a holiday camp!

You gotta ask, why was this even a law that even needed to be written?

They didn’t need a law saying,

"Thou shall NOT headbutt that sharp rock!"

But I have found evidence that we in modern times also have to write rules, that should not have to be written down.

We should not have to write down a rule saying,

“Don’t eat gum from the urinal!”

Why has not evolution weeded these dumb people out of the gene pool?

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