What is it with the constant use of the "Human Female is somehow like a Cat" Analogy??


Ok, I have to ask;

(Though I doubt id get an answer)

Why is shouting inappropriately at a woman called a "Cat Call"?

When Women Fight it is a "Cat Fight"?

When they argue it is being "Catty"?

What is it with "Catsuits"?

And why are so many sexy female hero and villain concepts based on being "Cat-like"?


If you are describing a woman as somehow being "Unfeminine," then she is the opposite to a Cat analogy, either a "Dog" or the "B" Word!

Have I missed something here,

Are women, in fact, an alien Cat like race or some crap and I am the last one to know?

Please comment below with any poper intelligent answers or failing that just slap up some trite immature humour.

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